Contract Services

Our contract service centres around high speed sheeting, slitting and rewinding of printing and packaging material. Our outsourcing service assists manufacturers, manufacturers’ agents, both local and overseas, and end users with the facility of getting rewound and slit material to required size, when needed.

Our service saves our customers the need to purchase expensive slitter/rewinding equipment, which would only find use periodically. We also save them the need to commit space, personnel and other investment for something that is not used at all times.

Materials we process include:

We are geared to handle large volumes and handle rolls of up to 2550 mm in width, weighing up to 5000 kg. Sheet length capability ranges from 280 mm to a maximum of 2080 mm, sheet widths from 1650 mm down to 430 mm.

We have the facility to hold large quantities of unwound rolls, with the ability to process these for supply on a JIT basis.

More details on the specifications of rolls and so on are available in our Capabilities pages.