Dimension 1 – Largest Paper, Film and Board Converter in Australia

With the acquisition of two state-of-the-art sheeting systems from the USA, we intend to become the largest slitting and sheeting services provider in Australia. Holding that record in slitting, we intend to hold the position in sheeting as well.

We have been at the forefront of technological development in our industry since we started operating as paper converters under the name Specialty Slitting in 1967.

Today, our facility at Smithfield NSW is the most sophisticated slitting, sheeting and allied services operation in Australia. Our purpose-built premises, which were commissioned in late 1995, has been continually upgraded with equipment, software and systems to reflect the growing needs of our clients, for the best possible service, with quick turnaround and delivery at a competitive price.

We take Quality Assurance very seriously. We have excellent systems which help us provide our customers exactly what we promise—done to their expectations, or better.